The VALUEpilot

The new replacement value range by AUTOonline contains up-to-date values, thus allowing for a realistic review of vehicle values on the market.

AUTOonline has co-operated with universities and actuaries in order to develop a calculation method that uses, inter alia, methods of artificial intelligence and AUTOonline’s own historic database (with approximately four million vehicles!) to generate the present value of a vehicle, in line with the market. But even the most sophisticated calculations do not suffice to accurately map a vibrant market. That’s why AUTOonline goes one step further. The theoretical calculations are enriched with an analysis of current offers on the internet market – “Calculations + Reality” as it were. For this purpose authorised enquiries are made among the current offers of the three leading automotive markets on the internet -, and Outliers or double entries are filtered out in order to prevent a falsification of the average values. These two components – calculations and market analysis – are then used to fix the AUTOonline replacement value range, a price range within which the replacement value will be found. What's special about it? To date AUTOonline is the only interface that combines both components. That makes the forecasts realistic and the replacement value range unique.

To ensure that this complex procedure is easy to apply, AUTOonline has packaged it in a user-friendly software. Unlike the complex details you had to enter for past procedures, you will now only have to enter brand, type, mileage, date of first registration, engine type, location, engine size, number of doors and body type. Just one click of a button and a few seconds later the replacement value range with a list of comparable vehicles will be displaced. All together – vehicles details, comparable vehicles and replacement value range – can then be illustrated in a detailed PDF document. Recently Germany’s largest company of vehicle assessors, carexpert, became a professional user of the replacement value range. The experts for vehicle damage have been cultivating a successful partnership with AUTOonline for over 10 years and are now pioneering the new replacement value range and other new developments by AUTOonline. Because the replacement value range is only one element in the new product range by AUTOonline. Together with the residual value forecast it completes our VALUEpilot.

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