Yerel piyasalar size değer katar !

Yerel piyasalar size değer katar !

In case of third party liability it is your job to obtain forecasts of the residual value from dealers, body shops or buyers in your region. Now this has become a great deal easier - with the AUTOonline local market service.

That’s how it works:

As a car expert you designate local partners that you like to work with. AUTOonline integrates them. You advertise your vehicles on the exchange and click on the partners that you would like a bid from. They will be informed via an e-mail from AUTOonline and automatically receive access to the data of your individual cars. With all descriptions, calculations, expert opinions, and photographs. After expiry of the bid deadline you will receive two bid sheets, a national one and a regional one, and you can kill four birds with one stone: protection of legal recourse, customer service, faster processing, and reduced costs. No phone calls, no additional explanations.



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